Sunday, 2 April 2017

A Tribute to the O'Briens

Lois and Charlie O'Brien have been friends for almost 50 years. Both are expert entomologists in their respective fields--fulgoroid hemipterans for Lois and weevils for Charlie.

Their recent philanthropic deed is worthy of praise and is an example others can follow. Their gift is not unusual in the USA but is not commonplace in Australia.
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a local cicada to kick things off
 Errotasa neovalesiaca
  Birdantis virginiae Constant
  Geraldtonia protea
  Geraldtonia protea
  Geraldtonia protea

Aprivesa exuta (Ricaniidae) 
 Massila sp. 
 Siphanta sp  
 Siphanta sp  
 Siphanta sp  
 Siphanta sp  
 Cotylana sp., probably C. acutipennis 
 Taparella sp
Uxantis notata
Rhabdoscelus obscurus

 Leptopius quadriens 
 leptopiine Mt Baldy

 Orthorhinus cylindrirostris 

Enteles vicinus

 Orchid weevil feet Orchidophilus aterrimus (Waterhouse) 

Thanks to Murray Fletcher and Melinda Moir for help with the fulgoroid identifications.

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